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Join us for Faith Hour, Sundays at 9:10 a.m. in Mecklenburg Hall.
These will be planned four weeks at a time to allow for flexibility with pandemic scheduling.


September 12: Kick-Off Breakfast!

September 19: Family Mission Project
We have some hands-on projects to complete for our friends at Promising Pages and Bright Blessings. There will be projects for all ages!

September 26: Tough Topics Together (Grief)
Join Mrna Dibble, LCSW, and Rebecca Guzman to explore the different kinds of grief and loss, and begin a conversation that you can continue at home. This is appropriate for all ages, and families are encouraged to attend together. If you are grieving a specific loss, you are encouraged to bring an item that reminds you of the loss.

October 3: Come to the Table! Learn about Communion
If you have ever found yourself frozen during worship because you weren’t sure if your child was “ready” to receive communion, this is a must-attend! Again, families are encouraged to attend together, and every person will learn something new about how to approach Communion. Communion will be celebrated at the 10:10 worship service, so you will get a chance to put your learning into action and then reflect together.

October 10: Lord’s Prayer Stations
These will be set up at 8:30, and you can come with your family for a sensory Lord’s Prayer prayer station experience.

Questions? Contact Rebecca Guzman, rebecca@smpchome.org.