We are excited to announce our
FINAL Capital Campaign


We will be debt-free in five years!



Approaching our 30th year, SMPC has reached an exciting place of strength, stability and  purpose. We are ready to take on the  challenge of eliminating our mortgage.

What will this Campaign achieve?
Our campus will be complete and fully paid for, giving us the financial stability to move with  confidence into the future and all that God calls us to do.

What are the Campaign details?
Structured over five years, our goal is to raise $3.25 million. This will fund all mortgage principal and interest payments and provide for a 3% benevolence component to support our Missions-Outreach work.

Didn’t we just have a capital Campaign?
Yes. Our current 2017-2020 Campaign ends on April 30, 2020 and payments to this  campaign will begin immediately thereafter.

How will this campaign be different?
Because we are so close to being debt-free, this campaign is structured over five years rather than three and leading
donors have been inspired to offer a Challenge Match: givers will have the opportunity to have part or all of their gift matched.  Details to come!

Key Milestones and Dates

Read Psalm 84 every day!

Sunday, February 23
Renewal Sunday

We will renew our commitment to the ministry of Christ in this sacred space.


Late February through March
Informational Gatherings

We will hear details about the campaign and ways we can help.

Sunday, March 8
Gratitude Sunday

We will share the SMPC story and express our gratitude for all that God has given to us.

Sunday, March 22
Service Sunday

We will highlight the ways we seek to change lives through service and go out into
the community to actively serve others.


Sunday, April 26

 Commitment Sunday
We will return our pledge cards and gather to thank God for working through each of us.

From Strength to Strength:  The Alfords
South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church
8601 Bryant Farms Road
Charlotte, North Carolina  28277
704.544.0404 / smpcoffice@smpchome.org
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